The Perfect Shot Learning the basic skills in Photography

Due the rapid growth of technology, photography has already built an empire of its own. In today’s trend, anyone with a camera (DSLR, digital, tablet or phone) can basically take good pictures. There are many platforms, especially in social media, where you can upload and showcase your snaps. Instagram is the most popular site. Even the most amateur person is capable of creating exquisite photos that look professional by using the right editing tools. However, you shouldn’t rely on these applications in order to produce a great quality photo. There are basic skills you need to learn if you want to improve your style.


Define what your subject is. It can practically be anything. A person, animal, thing, place or whatever is that you want. Your subject must be the focal point of your shot. This is what you want people to see immediately.


Have a vision on how you want your photo to look like. Composition generally refers to the placement and arrangement of objects and other elements to create a total look. All elements in your shot is crucial to the outcome of your photo. It is important to visualize what look you want to achieve.

Lighting and exposure

The amount of lighting can make or break the perfect shot. Know your camera settings. This will determine the right amount of brightness and exposure you need especially when shooting in low light or directly under the sun. Otherwise, too much or too little can ruin your photo.


Different angles show different perspectives. The most basic shot is done through eye level but you can change it up by capturing your subject from the ground or a higher angle. Try several positions and you’ll be surprised to see the transformation of your subject.


When shooting your subject, make sure the right elements are in place. All unnecessary objects should not be included in your shot. This is why framing is an important part of the whole process. Know exactly where to cut your photos.


Don’t expect your camera to do this for you. Most resort to the auto-focus mode. Play with your settings and identify whether you want your shot to be clear and sharp.

Now that you’ve learned these basic skill sets. It’s time to get your camera and start shooting. Practice everyday and do it with a variety of subjects, angles and frames so you have more options to choose from. Compare each shot and deliberate on how you think you can improve your photo. Ask for professional advice if you must.

Photography is a great way to enhance your creativity. Start experimenting and go out of the box. You can even take up photography as your hobby.You don’t need to be a professional photographer in order to produce a great picture. In this golden age, anyone can do it. Always bear in mind that you are the director of your own story. You get to decide what you want and how the outcome will be. Now thatyou’ve learned the basic skills, it’s high time you apply it. The results will speak for itself.

A photo is indeed worth a thousand words. Go capture that perfect shot.

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