Get Hitched in Calgary

Destination weddings have become more popular by the minute. With the travel industry booming, planning a trip is now more affordable and manageable than ever. Many couples dream of saying their vows amidst a beautiful scenery or an exotic place. Many photographers have also jumped in the bandwagon and are offering destination wedding packages. In Canada, Calgary wedding photography is also gaining popularity as there are so many lovely places where couples can say their “I do’s”.

Of course, you can get married anywhere you want but why choose Calgary? You might just be surprised what it has to offer. Calgary is set with a panoramic view of the city skyline with a backdrop of surrounding mountains. From the rolling foothills, valleys, rivers and up to the scenic views from the highway, each place has its own stunning view. There is no doubt why many couples pick this location for their wedding.

Wanted: Awesome wedding photographer

For this reason alone, there are many Calgary wedding photography services that are in business. Once you’ve chosen your dream destination, it’s now time to pick the right photographer to fit the puzzle. How do know which one to hire? Here are some tips you need to consider first before making a decision.

  1. Select and collect – Scout the best photographers in town and make a list of the services they are offering. There are many to choose from. Gather all information possible. Ask your family and friends if they can recommend someone.
  2. Set a theme – Most weddings have a specific theme and motif. Check out the sample works of each photographer to get a feel if their style and quality is what you are looking for. If you are looking for a specific concept, there are some photographers that are known for their signature style. Try researching different Calgary wedding photography services online so you can check out different portfolios.
  3. Know your budget – Ultimately, this is a huge factor in your decision making. Compare the rates and packages of different suppliers. If you are eyeing a well-known photographer and your budget is way under, try to set an appointment with the person and discuss how you can possibly work things out. If that doesn’t work out, look for other photographers that will fit your budget. Do not hire someone just because they offer the lowest rates. This is your special moment and you shouldn’t compromise quality over budget. Remember, your wedding photos will last forever.
  4. Meet and greet – Once you’ve narrowed down your choice it’s time to set up appointments. During your discussion, lay down as much information as you can to the table. You and your future spouse should be able to clearly identify all the nitty gritty details you want for your wedding. Do not be intimated by your future photographer. Remember, this is your wedding and you are the client. However, be open to suggestions. Afterall, they are the experts in their craft and their inputs are valuable. During your meeting, ask about the photographer’s professional background and experience. This will help you gauge your decision.
  5. Pick and select – After meeting your prospects, discuss with your fiancé, whom you think will be the best fit. You should be comfortable with who you choose to hire.

These simple tips will help you decide which Calgary wedding photography service will make your dream wedding come true.

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